Help Needed from 3rd April to 1st June 2023

Help needed so the next program can go ahead..

Hello all!

I’m just starting to coordinate the run leaders and volunteers for the next program which starts on Monday April 3rd and completes with our celebration events on Thursday 1st June 2023.

However, before we can commit to the next program going ahead, we’re desperate to confirm some additional help.

John & Debs Clucas are moving from the immediate area, and their new home is a project which will take up lots of their time.

I am going back to work after just over four years of working for myself. The problem is that I will be on a 24/7 shift pattern in the new role, so I cannot guarantee to be physically there at the sessions.

How Can You Help?

We need a small team (2 or 3) of ultra reliable people who can get the groups out for each session. It will mean arriving at the park for 6:30pm, unlocking the container, setting out the cones and making sure that all the groups are covered each evening. Then its simply a matter of calling the groups forward and getting them out there.

You would then need to wait for the C25K groups to arrive back and once they’re all in, you can lock up and go. The other groups can be out for a lot longer, so they can self manage when back at the park. You should be away for 7:40pm at the latest.


We will still do all the coordination, recruitment, manage and allocate volunteers, arrange medals, liaise with the council, arrange insurance cover, plan the celebration events etc in the background.

John, Debs and I will definitely be there for the first week to ensure it starts well and to support you. We will also be there for the final celebration run too. 

If you are interested please complete our contact form and I’ll get back to you straight away.