Information for the Plans Starting on Mon 10th May 2021

We cannot wait to see you all!

A massive warm welcome awaits all our new participants for our Spring/Summer Couch to 5K, Sport Walking, Social and Progression Run Groups!
If you haven’t registered yet, you can complete your registration here.
You can view all our teams at the link below: –
Allocating you to your Group
In relation to teams and participants, we will allocate you to your group on Monday evening down at the park.
If you’re not going to be there for the first session, just come and see John or Rick when you come down and we’ll allocate you to your group.
This programme is very different from others and we’re going to try and ensure that the splits are even across the groups.
To achieve this, the order of the groups leaving the park for all sessions is as follows: –
  • Sport Walking
  • Social Run 1
  • Social Run 2
  • Progression Group 2
  • Progression Group 3
  • Progression Group 4
  • Couch to 5k Group 11 (Additional Support)
  • Followed by C25K groups 1-10
NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your preferred Run Leader. We will be ensuring that there is an equal balance of numbers across all our groups and we ask that you work with us on this and respect where you are allocated.
Please remember, that although you may have an affiliation with a particular leader, you will soon build a similar, if not better one, with another – they’re all pretty amazing 😃
Each Session
If you can all try and be in the compound where we meet by 6:45pm it would be a huge help, Groups will start leaving the park at 7PM prompt each evening. Remember, it’s going to be busy, the car parks will be full and there will be queues for the parking meters (60p)
Due to the current restrictions, you will be required to check in for each session on our website. Please only do this once you arrive at the park.
It’s quick and simple – just click the Covid-19 Check In button at
Please help us on this. We have no physical way of checking you all in, the queues would be massive. However, if many people fail to check in, it will be a system failure which we will have to address. This will put the whole programme at risk as the physical solution is not practical.
Top Tip! Add our website as a shortcut on your homescreen and check in at every session
NHS COVID-19 Contact Tracing App
Yes, you can check in on your app if that’s your preferred method. The QR codes will be posted on the entrance to our compound.
If you have any Coronavirus symptoms, please stay at home and follow the current government advice.
There will be a safety briefing at each session.
Sport Walking and Run Plans
The sessions for each week are at
Couch to 5K 
If you feel that you will need additional support you should come forward to be placed in Group 11 next Monday. There are extra Run Leaders and Volunteers in this team to ensure that you’re fully supported.
Groups 1-10 will then be made up of people with mixed ability. We find these groups work best and an incredible bond will be formed between you all – lifelong friendships will be made! In summary we don’t have fast and slow groups on this programme, we have an additional support group and ten other groups of mixed ability.
We are also asking you to supplement your two runs on this programme with a 60 minute brisk walk each week, in your own time.
Extra Info
Bring your own drinks bottle, hand gel, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, never train on an injury and remember that everybody involved with Blackburn Couch to 5K gives their time for free, so you can enjoy it for free. Please be respectful to your Run Leaders and Volunteers at all times.
As we’re outdoors there is no requirement to wear a mask, although you can if you like.
As sad as it is there will be no hugging, high fiving and definitely no kissing on this programme. However, virtual versions are allowed and actively encouraged!  😃
There’s loads more information on our website, have a really good look around.