Meet Your Teams For The September Plan

Updated 19th August 2022

We’ve had an absolutely amazing response to the appeal for leaders and volunteers and are in a really enviable position with just over 2 weeks to go before the start of the next program.

There are a small number of volunteer positions we would still like to fill and these are highlighted below. If you can help please complete the quick application form at this link.

When? The next program runs from 5th Sept to 12th Nov 2022

Event Coordinators

  • Rick Wilson (Mondays)
  • John Clucas (Thursdays)

Couch to 5K (C25K)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Run/walk leaders are solely responsible for ensuring that cover is provided in their absence.  You will liaise with your co-run leaders and volunteers to ensure that the group runs each session. This is the responsibility of the role. In the event that you can’t organise cover, after you have exhausted all avenues, then the group coordinators should be notified.

Group 1 – C25K

  • Craig Greenhalgh
  • Hayley Duckworth
  • Emma Frith
    • Diane Bonnick

Group 2 – C25K

  • Debbie Schofield
  • Jo Burtonwood
  • Katie Hindle
    • Lynda Barker (to mid Oct)
    • Judith Barnes (from 4th session)
    • Sharon Whalley (from 4th session)

Group 3 – C25K

  • Nigel Dixon
  • Kerrie Hession
    • Terence Kennedy
    • Tom Steele
    • Tracy Griffin
    • Michael Chambers

Group 4 – C25K

  • Lindsay Walsh
  • Lea Mellody
  • James Lucas
    • Denise Sykes
    • Ruth Brough
    • Nicola Murphy

Group 5 – C25K

  • Russell Taylor
  • Ashley King
    • Lorri Butler
    • Nicola Mccumskay
    • Carol Kirby

Group 6 – C25K

  • Deborah Clucas
  • Natalie Chatterton
  • Mandy Long
    • Anne Murphy
    • Sarah Cullen
    • Alison Hartland

Social Running

Social Run Group – 3 miles each session with stops.

This is a no pressure fun and very friendly group. It doesn’t matter what pace you run at in this group, you will be very well looked after by our incredible and very experienced run leaders and volunteers.

  • Nicola Preston
  • Stuart Clark
    • Suzanne Ferrandino
    • Diane Harrison- Leeming

5K to 10K Progression

5K to 10K Progression – Build yourself up from running 5km to 10km.

This group will be of very mixed ability (nobody whatsoever will be too fast or too slow) and it caters for everybody. The only pre-requisite is that your starting point is that you are able to run for a 3 mile distance. It honestly doesn’t matter how fast or slow you can cover it. The leaders and volunteers have a similar mixed ability and are very experienced in not only progressing you to the 10K distance, but also in making sure that every session is fun, enjoyable and extremely rewarding!

  • Jason Brown
  • Joanne Brown
    • Linzi Moorcroft
    • Julie Marsden
    • Kate Pomfret
    • Amanda Orr (every other week)


All-inclusive Sport Walking group

  • Lee Kiernan
  • Emma Allan
    • Peter Finlay (Mondays)

Do you have time to help lead or volunteer at Blackburn Couch to 5K?

Apply now

If you can help please complete the quick application form at this link.