Avoiding Injury

We can avoid injury if we listen and be sensible

  • Two rest days per week minimum
  •  One long run per week ONLY – a long run is classified as the further you’ve run or anything over 6 miles (as a starter) – increase by only 1 mile per week to let legs adapt
  • Rest day after long run, walking to loose legs only
  • Don’t increase total weekly mileage by more than 10% per week
  • Do NOT run on a niggle
  • Rest day/ cross train day after a speed session
  • If you are training for half marathon or above follow a recognised plan there is science behind them
  • Don’t be tempted to do what others are doing if you’ve missed weeks to catch up
  • Trainers that make your feet land correctly are key, you may be lucky in any old trainers but most need assessment then trial and error to find perfect ones, all feet are individual don’t follow fashion/colour/trend
  • If injury strikes don’t return to running unless you can walk/light run without feeling any pain
  • Don’t under estimate core/strength work once a week, strengthens body to help stay injury free – gym work ideal, squats, lunges, plank etc